Midnight Pub

writing as a writer


Think of stuff. Write it down. If blogging, hit "Publish", too.

Do this with no time compartmentalization nor boundaries (either time-wise or word-wise) every day. Seven days a week, most weeks. Birthdays/Xmas: optional (for me, the holidays themselves are optional, and now the writing part, too, but...)

This is how I see writing.

Not a writing lifestyle. But a life writing style. I am ON or OFF with it - years at a time.

For now, OFF. Until 2025, likely. But updates occur in that time, too.

Until later...

And ~bartender, a hot black coffee on this hot afternoon, if I may?


I like writing as a regular activity. It is a pleasant way to spend time--for you, at least. And it gives your brain something to work on when you're not writing--gathering ideas.

Heinlein said: "Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of—but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards."



apologies for sounding anecdotal, I don't want to be taken too seriously on this.

I wrote a bunch and do so less now. I just wanted to put the "timeline/frame" into a few words, I guess