Midnight Pub

The Nightfall Express


Looks like the renovation work on Main Street's metro station is finally over. *points out*. There's a new train too, The Nightfall Express, that supposedly takes you all the way across Nightfall and beyond. The next one leaves at 19:00

(Send me an email at m15o at posteo dot net if you'd like some to help test this new protocol out! Would love to get your feedback :))


Looks easy to use for anyone familiar with gopher/gemini.

This is quite interesting



I played around a bit with the protocol and came up with a shell command that can retrieve Nex urls, e.g. to get my page:

echo "/alexlehm/"|nc nex.nightfall.city 1900|less

this even works to get images like this:

echo "/alexlehm/Alex_in_Anzug.jpg"|nc nex.nightfall.city 1900 > alex.jpg



this is really cool! I never used netcat before.

I added what you did in a little script:


echo $2 | nc $1 1900 | less

and it can be used like that:

rex nex.nightfall.city /m15o/


You saw my feedback on fedi; I think it's a fun experiment in trying to go lighter than gopher.