Midnight Pub

not enough time to live


if you could earn your living toiling 3 just hours a day, what would you do the rest of your day?

would you even do anything?

would you structure it in any way?

for me, that free time would look a lot like my sundays: a little bit of reading, a little bit of chatting with people, a little bit of something, a little bit of nothing.

deep inside, i believe this unstructured time we all lack, to be as vital and nourishing as any important work


I think I would just rest the rest of the day, at least at first.



I would probably do some similar to you, but then some days I'd like to work with animals.



I would do exactly what I'm doing now. I love my job, it just doesn't pay well. I don't mind not being paid well, but I do mind having to pay for rent and food.

If my food and shelter were guaranteed and paid for, I would happily work for free doing what I do now.



listening to the vinyl and taking a great nap.

watching baseball with my family and getting some sunshine lying down on the couch!