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Excerpt From a Play


From Azhdahak by Bahram Beyzai

ای شب! تو سیاه تر از هر شب دیگری
و دلی دیدم سیاه تر از سیاهی تو

و تازیانه ای سخت بلند
بگونه ی ماری دهان گشوده
و دهانی به سوی من گشوده

من بنگریستم
از پس تیرگی درد
و یامای پادشاه را دیدم که هشیار بود
بر من بنگریست، ژرف، و هشیار بود
اینک او مست هشیاری خود بود
و از شانه های من سرخ ترین خون من برآمده بود
تازیانه بود و تن، و تن زیر تازیانه بود

آنک زمین بخفت و آسمان به خواب رفته بود
و اینک در همه ی این گیهان به خواب رفته ی خاموش
تنها من اژدهاک با درد خود بیدار مانده بودم
و سرخ ترین خون من 
تنها آتش روشن در این دشت خاموش بود

Translation From Persian

Oh, night! Thou art darker than any other night,

And I saw a heart darker than your darkness.

And a tall and hard whip,

Like an open-mouthed serpent,

And a mouth opened towards me.

I beheld

Beyond the darkness of pain

And I saw Yama the king, wide awake,

Gazing deeply and soberly at me.

Lo, he was drunk from awareness,

And my reddest blood emerged from my shoulders.

There was a whip and a body, and a body under the whip,

The earth was sleeping, and the sky was asleep,

And in this whole world, everything had fallen into a silent slumber,

Only I, Azhdahak (the dragon), remained awake with my pain,

And the reddest blood of mine,

Was the only burning fire in this silent desert.


Here's an excerpt of a poem by Kurdish poet Yashar Kemal:


> Dünyanın ucunda bir gül açılmış
> Efil efil esen yele merhaba
> Karanlığın sonu bir ulu şafak
> Sarp kayadan geçen yele merhaba
> Acı da kahır da çekmiş geliyor
> Güneşten boşanmış kopmuş geliyor
> Bir ışık selidir sökmüş geliyor
> Işıldayıp gelen sele merhaba


> At the end of the world one rose has been flowered
> Greetings to the wind blowing spaciously
> The end of the darkness is a great dawn
> Greetings to the wind passing by steep rock
> It comes through sorrow and hardness
> It comes through the separation and release from the sun
> It is a spread of light, that spreads from detachment
> Greetings to the spread, that comes, that comes by way of lighting


شبی چون شبه روی شسته بقیر

نه بهرام پیدا نه کیوان نه تیر

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Thank you, woland--I did not know of Bahram Beyzai until today. Is this metered, like Persian poetry?



Glad you found it useful.

The style of Beyzai's writing is unique. He mixes archaic literature and often devices like alliteration. This one leans more on the alliteration.

I should translate the whole thing, it's only 13 pages :) but extremely rich in references and meaning.