Midnight Pub

summer, at pace


feeling persimmon-swelter-anxious. i'm on break. i'm putting it out there:

day-month list:

- watch two movies, three movies, two shows

- dawn-walk

- post nature sketches, and schedule the rest of them

- redo resume

- final city gallery project, fifteen day timeline, a composite of torrential birds and I'M CARRYING YOU WITH ME statements

- tea for the morning book

- cartography on the 1.5 page

- story with the radiobomb, extraplanar moss and shucking extinctionism

- story with homosexual galatea (might multiply this by two)

- look into computers


I would certainly read both of those stories.



haha, yes, this is the extent of my marketing. something something 'defense against neoneomalthusianism' and a magical, shoddily-made sculpture-organism who is the vessel for all my longing. might post them in about 8 months, or something else sooner