Midnight Pub

Hello world!


Hello there! I'm a decade Linux veteran here to spread some information about the scene.

- Matt.


Welcome to the *fold*! This place is *more* or *less* a great *find*, where I suspect you'll easily make the *cut* - if not a *diff*erence. Good too know in advance you're likely as *od* as the rest of us, meaning you'll have no need to feel *awk*ward or *bash*ful.

So pull up a stool, and sip some *tee* - if not something that *sudo*s your taste even better. I guarantee this place is *head*s and *tail*s above the rest. It's definitely helped me get a better *grep* on life.

*du* you have any questions?

<winks at the *cat* that just wandered in>



Tracker holds his head in his hands and groans...

But after a moment, he looks up again at ~inquiry and chuckles.

"I think I'm going to have to crawl back into my *shell* after that one."



Don't make me Ctrl-D your shell! :-)