Midnight Pub

Heaviest Of Them All


Alas, the fate was sealed

And 'twas decided that he ought to live in peril

And to roam in vain

For an eternity unknown

Until his undoing cometh.

And to be forgotten both above and under the earth.

Thus was decided for him

And thus it shall be ...

Alas, naught could save him but pain, of which he had plenty.

Yet unbeknownst to him that this, he must cherish.

For 'twas Lord's gift unto him.

And unto him was given three terrors;

One to kill with the gaze and the other to bewitch and ensnare and bend to his will, and the last, to love intensely.

So he looked above at his Lord and said:

Why the third is thus?

And his lord replied:

For that is the heaviest of them all.