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intense emotions in regards to software


i often experience intense emotions.

these don't stem from relationships, anger, despair, happiness, or hatred.

they come from a deep passion and love for humanity, the idea of it.

i can "feel" when others are passionate. i get emotional when i do.

it's like a strong sense of empathy.

it's weird. i can literally cry from watching a video of someone talking about something they made, or witnessing people helping each other.

this is how i feel about software as well.

creation of software can sometimes be an inherently creative process.

i'm not talking about writing code. software to me is much more than just code.

to me, software is about values, about passion. it's what i am passionate about.

several years ago, i discovered the "poolsuite fm" app.

it was unlike anything else i've ever installed. i fell in love with an app for the first time in my life.

it started a chain of thoughts that eventually led to who i am today.

thanks for existing, poolsuite fm <3

i wanna build something that makes people fall in love.


i love it when people feel true passion for whatever projects they create - not limited to apps!

i still use poolsuite fm on my phone sometimes, its UI is very pretty both on mobile and desktop



I was just let go from my company today. I was going to quit anyway, because the environment was so hostile. But multiple times in the last few months I would lie awake in bed as my heart pumped because I was simply angry at management for making absolutely boneheaded decisions. I realized I was only mad because I care. I care about software.

How I wish I was one of those people who couldn't give a fuck. But I do, because I care. I want to do a good job. I want someone to look at the things I create and say "wow, someone really spent their time thinking about this."

But I was forced to make garbage. And I was sad. Mad. Upset that I was only given the time to do a half-job, and then when it obviously wasn't up to management's standards, they would find the time to do the other half only after doing it incorrectly the first time. So we had time to do it wrong, twice, but not the right way from the beginning.

I love software. I love to notice that the corners on that square are actually not just a simple `corner-radius`, and are actually slightly sqround. How did they think of that? Or how did they make it so that I can search _billions_ of messages for a random word and get all the results, perfectly paginated, in under a second? Absolutely brilliant.

All I can wish is that one day someone will think the same about my software.




You are not alone. I sometimes subtly exercise the right to refuse. I refuse to package half baked stuff that will fail rather sooner than later. I sometimes argue "well, it has MY name tagged to it, not yours!" But I am in a very comfortable position to do this. I do specialized stuff that is needed so early in the production chain, that the shortcomings on my desk are going to be fixed long before $product hits $customer.

Do not despair!



I like Poolsuite FM, but all this NFT nonsense isn't the best look.



heh! :)

it’s still around poolsuite, not directly integrated into the app, it’s clean!

nfts weren’t so hyped back when i discovered the app (i’m not sure they were even a thing).

but yeah, someone was suggesting me to add ai stuff to a note taking app i’m currently building, you gotta resist the hype and do what you think is best.

i also felt like i don’t have the entrepreneurial mindset for this particular reason; i care more about being “right”/staying true to software than potentially making lots of money on hyped stuff.

we’ll see how this goes though, only time will show.

i also wanna experiment with making the app gpl but with in app purchases on platforms where it’s supported, i wonder if it could be a feasible model that’ll allow me to slowly switch to full time indie development, while building software the way i think is best

heh, this was longer than initially intended. thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


i wanna build something that makes people fall in love.

vim made me fall in love... with vim



yeah! me too! :)

rip bram <\3