Midnight Pub

the collectible vodka & catcher in the rye


i’m not sure what exactly triggered this memory from my childhood a few minutes ago but let me tell you a weird thing.

there was a small room in our house that wasn’t occupied by anyone for a long time. we literally called it “the small room” and used it as storage of random stuff from all around the house.

i eventually cleaned it up and started using it as a hang out place for myself where i’d tinker with software, linux, watch the british tv series “skins” (the only thing made for teenagers i enjoyed back then) and just be alone.

the room also had a wardrobe with lots of stuff inside. mostly clothes, but there was also a small box of four 0.25ml bottles of collectible vodka. it wasn’t made to be consumed, but more as a decoration or a gift. i wasn’t into alcohol that much (well, i was a kid!) but i was curious.

one night, i was reading the catcher in the rye. while i found the book rather bad, i kept reading it. it wasn’t that entertaining or anything, i just read it to read it :). (i ended up rereading it when older and enjoying it more).

i remembered about the vodka bottles and decided that i should try some. i opened up one of the four bottles and sipped a little. it was gross, but i got a few more sips and started feeling dizzy.

then i continued reading the book. it was a weird experience but i was kinda proud of myself for drinking and reading a book instead of what others did with alcohol. i continued doing that for several days and finished the small bottle. i refilled it with water and put it back.

these days were weird. but i was curious. and i do feel nostalgia from time to time, especially since i can’t visit my hometown anymore (i hope i’ll be able to some day, not very likely though…)

this was mostly just a weird rant, something i felt like sharing. hope i didn’t bore you too much! have a lovely day! <3


The phrase "it's hard to beat innocence" comes to mind.

Love the story!