Midnight Pub

NA beer, if you have it.


Otherwise I'll just take some ginger beer and lime.

First time posting here, just want to say how much I have loved lurking and reading everyone's posts. I didn't really get a chance to experience the "old net", my version of the "old net" was the SomethingAwful Forums, which were their own brand of insanity. What I enjoy about this space right now is it's simplicity, and the relaxed attitude that makes me feel comfortable enough to share these mundane thoughts without worrying so much about whether someone else is going to flame me in the comments. I mean, I'm sure it can happen here, but without notifications, votes, etc, I guess I just care less.

Anywho, this seems like just the place to post up after a long days' work, or on one of those long, rainy nights that I can't wait for now that summer is coming to its end. Hope to see you all again soon.


Hello! New here as well, haven't even committed my first post. Just saying hi.



Have you tried the Stella Artois Liberté? As 0.0% beers go, it's pretty decent, I think.



From many years of NA beer, gonna go with Clausthaler as the best out there(at the time).



Happy to see you on the smaller net!

The pub is a really lovely place to chill and talk.

I'm really excited for those mentioned rainy nights, after such a hot summer it sounds nice.



Also check out the nightfall city website!