Midnight Pub

Probably gonna quit sugar


Howdy! It's been a while. I'd order mocktail margarita but it would defeat the point of my post.

...Although it's just virtual drinking right? Fine, I'll pretend to not be a hypocrite and order one.

I've realized that I'm somewhat bored of sugar and I think these days the packaged snacks they sell is crap. It's just SUGAR without any care for actual quality. I like desserts where there's thought over flavors involved but I find that most packaged sweets dump sugar in their product out of fear customers might not find it tasty. Companies...the problem isn't less sugar! It's just that your formula tastes like trash.

There are some sugary products I tolerate though because the product isn't just for "sugar overload" but it has its own flavor. I think good strawberry shortcake is a good example. Buttercream frosting paired with cake and paired with something fruity is just *chef's kiss*. I can't explain it but basically it's obvious they didn't just dump sugar for the sake of it, as the cake is good in it's own right. Maybe I should try out more tea cakes haha.

But the thing is it's so so hard to find anything of quality so I guess I'm doing myself a favor.I'm realizing that my issue isn't with sugar itself but just too much of a "good" thing. And it's really common...

I'm also trying to quit it for personal reasons as people I know got diabetes and knowing how costly insulin is...I'll pass.

Anyway that's all I have for my...ramblings. I wrote "sugar" too many times in my first draft to the point a drinking game would be harmful.



I've had less trouble quitting vi, social media, and video games than I've had quitting sugar.



Enkidu, I've been on a low-carb (sub 50g/day) diet for a year or so, and one thing I've found is that cutting processed sugar out of your diet entirely makes your palate change quite a bit. You start tasting sweetness in things you wouldn't have found sweet previously, and the added sugar in packaged foods (and bread) really becomes strikingly obvious and unpleasant.

I've rediscovered the inherent sweetness in onions, tomatoes, cooked cabbage...even cucumbers sometimes. Dairy products as well, which I used to scorn. I never understood why people spoke of 'sweet cream', but now I do. Fresh fruit has taken the place of pastries or soda as the sugary tasty treat I indulge in as seasonally appropriate.

It's completely possible to let go of processed sugar, and it opens up a whole new world of flavors to you if you hang in there.



i know im late but you're right in that part because ever since i kinda quit sugar even my own saliva sounds sweet in a weird way.

anyway im glad i dont eat sugary junk anymore, idk how people drink monster energy without getting diabetes @_@




you talking about sugar, but more precisely you should look at carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are even in french fries or pasta.

Not se simple to avoid carbohydrates fully.

But sure, possibly to lower intake of sugar if you are motivated.

Sugar is addictive. Once you lower intake you brain will crave for having it.

I tried it, worked for some time until I desperately wanted sugar....