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I'm tired of pure rationalism. Recently, I've had the urge to learn aphorisms, riddles, and powerful stories to use in life. Any good collections or books?



Has anybody ever told you about Eris, our lady of Discord, she what done it all?

"What we lack in Prophets, however, we make up for in Saints. Only a Pope may canonize a Saint, but every man, woman and child on this planet is a genuine and authorized Pope (genuine and authorized by the House of the Apostles of Eris). So you can ordain yourself - and anyone or anything else - a Saint." --Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, K.S.C. (aka Kerry Thornley)
Principia Discordia (core text)

You're not supposed to take Discordianism too seriously, but you can take it as seriously as you'd like; you were an honest-to-Goddess Pope in the Discordian faith even if you've never heard of Discordianism. You were born that way.




I'll check it out, thanks!



I am still recovering financially and legally after behaving quite irrationally after being similarly let down by rationalism.

If rationalism is getting you down, do try to give your right brain some say in your decision making, but for the love of anything you might hold sacred, do not throw your left brain in the trash.

You will be harshly abused by right-handed society in ways that will seem cruel and abusive and no one will feel sorry for you.



Ouch, sorry to hear that! I'm fascinated to hear what happened but totally understand if you don't want to share.


For me, I've just become bored with the bluntness of rationalism. And in the dull sense rather than abrupt speech sense; though, ironically, perhaps its failure is related to the latter sense.

I've found rationalism is ineffectual in communicating with people I disagree with, so I'm looking for new tools. I think aphorisms, riddles, and an overall mysterious style helps people find the answer themselves. The problem with a lot of aphorism books -- though I've only read a handful -- is that they're so often trite. They lack wisdom; and, often, mystery.