Midnight Pub

Simple Pleasures


The fireplace is a lovely addition to the Midnight. A perfect place to warm up on winter nights. New for me this week is an electric blanket on my bed. I turn it on while I get ready to sleep and when I come back it's perfectly toasty. Being warm when everything else is cold is one of the rare moments where it feels good to simply exist. To watch the flames flicker forever.

Hope everybody is having, has had, or will have a cozy day!


I'm just curled up with my wife and the cats in front of our own fire.



It's been cold here for the last few days since I've moved back into my dorm. Cold is a relative term though, this is Florida we're talking about. regardless, it's given me a good reason to sit in my hoodie and sit tea all day. No fireplaces, but some chai and a cigar with my roommate will suffice.