Midnight Pub



Nothing quite like moving to make you aware of how much stuff you own. With every new house tour comes a new mental map of how my existing furniture fits in. Because, obviously, I can't just get rid of it. It works fine! It's like new! What if it misses me? My desk is cluttered with stuff. A hat, a set of hex keys, another hat(??), a hairband. Everything I own I can come up with some justification for owning it. And somehow it's still too much.


You know, I'd always thought that ultimately it didn't matter what organizational attempts I made, that fundamentally it was a question of whether there was Too Much Stuff.... but it turns out that with things like the paper detritus that I Cannot Discard, having the right binders and boxes and such is really helpful. Still,when you start feeling two-question-marks of exasperated with your stuff, it's probably time to scale back. I wonder if there's any kind of barter / free group where you can be more sure a possession will be appreciated than in the secondhand store



This is a battle I'm in as I type this. Perpetually as it seems. I recently was talking to my wife about my college dorm room, which had only my boombox, a turntable, some books, and notebooks. I was happy with that, but I don't know how to get back there. In some ways it's not feasible. But I still hold out hope for a balance.



I don't know what to tell you. There's lots of stuff I'd love to be rid of, but my wife insists we might need it some day. I figure I'd have to get rid of her before I get rid of the junk, but being completely clutter-free isn't worth nuking my marriage.