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our future in Internet


The Internet is still very young, like everything in it (much younger than the network itself). Projects that are opened and promoted attract mainly young people, because those who are older want to sit on a chair and have live links for many, many years, and not missing sites of the same age.

After a certain time (not as soon as we would like), the network will be cut into many cheburnetics, separately for all sorts of Netflixists, for geeks and smart people, for all sorts of flat-earthers and other sectarians, and for marketers.

what will be of interest to the majority will be by subscription. as well as software (almost all), to edit an icon, avatar - subscribe, pay, and endure now live like this))))).

and so that everything that is on the network is not downloaded via pirated software, but only received for money, they will return something like a minitel (France in the 70-80-90s had such terminals in apartments, offices and places of public importance, such as an airport station, etc.).

what is a minitel - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minitel

it is clear that most of the population will still be sitting at normal, ordinary computers, but terminal workers will not have access to this information, I can also tell you exactly how)))))) the point is that humanity who taps into the phone wants to tap just as accurately and in the computer, without installation, reinstallation and configuration. If you take the instructions for your smartphone, it says “terminal”. do you know what I mean? )))))

that is, the Internet for money, a good adequate search by subscription, a subscription for the absence of advertising, a subscription to additional functions, and all this is packaged under the control of AI where it will not be possible to crap in chats, comments, and so on. a violent procedure of goodness and order.

Usually such large transitions happen within a generation. How long in our understanding of time (our earthly, not online) this very transition will last is difficult to say. but time here and there will gradually become commensurate one to one. So far, everything on the Internet is developing too quickly.

new technologies appear every six months, OS versions appear once every year or two or four, depending on the system, the appearance and large transition within the network of the environment of the inhabitants of one service to another - it can be a matter of days, as practice in 2017 showed, for example, a large transfer of users from VK and OK to FB,

and in 2023 from Twitter to other networks.

It’s quite possible that special hardware will be made for adherents of the old protocols, now it’s very fashionable to be your mother’s engineer, having some kind of Rasberry Pie and tinkering with it, either blinking light bulbs in the room, or playing 8-bit, or even editing videos, and especially the chosen ones do various robotic vacuum cleaners, and other moving, crawling tchotchkes. a useful thing for studying technology, but very limited by this scarf itself. in essence, you are using someone else’s creation, which is ALREADY intended for such things, you just need to configure it. simpler - it's a constructor. When you do something like this for a very long time, you realize that you have too many limitations, and you start to design something of your own.

the same thing happens in programming, those who are in the subject know what I mean. you are limited by certain rules and follow them strictly, you can write your own rules - but they will only be compatible with your software, which means no one except you will open them or notice them, everything will disappear like dust. which means either you follow the majority and come to terms with the standards, or you protest and swim along a different channel, where there are dozens of boats like yours, in comparison with the billion-dollar flow on the side.

there are fewer and fewer people creating, creating something real even less, and meanwhile we are moving with a new generation into a new era,

and this makes me very scared.