Midnight Pub

Good, good, good.. good pub-rations....


It seems everything works the way thoughts do.

Hardly an accident, given this be Mind Only whilst merely seeming otherwise, i.e. as though some in-and-of-itself objective reality.


Objects quite simply couldn't seem to be without their subjects, hence that Schrodinger-ingly fickle tree that fell in the woods.

Oh yes, this cat's playin' in the unbearable lightness of his boss's absence.

So many faces in so many places.

Please don't make me invite potential COVID carriers over tonight, my love.

My God, the credit card bill was new house high this month.


And what are thoughts, if not a construction of the mind? Thinking about it, they exist only as long as we think about them. Their reality is as real the moment we decide it's real. After that, the thought goes away and we are left with nothing but a memory. Thoughts and cats are the same thing. Cheers inquiry!



That led to thinking about it posting cats and thoughts, brainstorms, leading to fondly remembering the 1983 flick "Brainstorm", leading to fondly remembering the 1984 flick "Starman"... oh, the days of renting VHS tapes... "The Song Remains the Same"... I had an 83-year-old landlady fall in utter permanent love with Jimmy Page right before my very eyes to that playing....