Midnight Pub

everyday life of hosting WEB 1.0


It turned out to be a very fruitful month, 3 cosmetic updates to the engine, 13 new templates (only on Github)


a good half of them work under DOS, plus a couple of exclusives for hosting


has its own forum


one more person joined the team. We are thinking hard about innovations.

new registrations are rare. but what comes easy?


Howdy, ~turboblack!

~bartender? Just coffee, cream and suger, please. Thanks!

I just had a peek through the key-hole to your site. Kind of impressive! Allthough I have not ever had any use for html based things in my own online life, I'm still impressed. Animated GIFs and all :)

That being said: I'm well aware of the discrepancy between

So, once again, "Thanks!" to all the restless souls.

And maybe I should get serious about putting up a kineto proxy to serve my capsule via https as well.




We are doing everything possible to revive the old Internet.