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Minecraft doesn't... feel like minecraft anymore


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The title doesn't really make any sense but, I just felt like I needed to get this out of me, and to elaborate on the title, Minecraft has lost not only it's feel but its charm as well.

I was in League queue, waiting as one does, and during that time I thought to myself "Hmmm, I wanna pass the time... lemme boot up minecraft beta 1.7.3", and I wanted an old version because quite frankly I never got to play it (proud mc:pe player right here)

And, once I started playing, I realized that THIS is the Minecraft I missed, I used to play a lot back in the day but I somewhat stopped and I've always wondered why but now, now I know its because Minecraft just *isn't the same as it used to be*

Sorry for this whole rant, I'm just sad that there's probably never gonna be an experience like old MC ever again


I get what you mean, I started in 1.2.5 quite a long time ago. I remember I had to play in peaceful because I was a kid and I was so scared of zombies. Even in peaceful, I made a very detail plan and build to jump of a cliff into a lake in case my house in a mountain got "compromised", just in case.

I played a lot at that time, I don't remember until when, but I think the addition of the Wither was the last update I played. Then I tried to come back, but I was so confused with the Java or Bedrock or whatever. I don't know, it didn't really grab me as before. I should give it a go again soon, maybe I'll feel the same magic again



have you heard of better then wolves? its a small mod for beta 1.7.3 which tries to be more faithful to minecraft in that era.

I do think that minecraft now is amazing, it has charm and feel, it is just that it is very much a different game from what it was. 1.7.3 it started gaining more rpg elements like exp and enchanting, which has fundementally changed the game (although there are theories that mojang are planning to mechanically get rid of experience, aka make it not matter much any more). i think a lot of times nostalga clouds the feeling here, because minecraft for many of us was our childhoods, its not just the earlier version of the game we are missing, but the feeling of that time. before things in life and the world got so hectic.



awww yeah i get you. i started playing somewhere around the 1.7 days and i remember how much of a thrill it was. had all those little starter books and that block-o-pedia and everything. all the new updates and such are a thrill, and you can tell that mojang is in its golden era right now with how well they're doing. but there certainly is a simplistic charm to the older versions that i dont think could ever be replaced even by the lush cave biomes and rad new nether stuff (which is still new to me!!). but i love that minecraft lets you play any version you like :-D



I only got into (Java) Minecraft while 1.13 was a thing, but yet I end up enjoying the older versions a lot more than the newer ones. My personal favorite is Beta 1.7.3.

There's a lot I want to say about modern Minecraft but I can barely put it into words.

Basically, I find beta Minecraft to be a much better sandbox. There's not too many mechanics, or even pre-existing structures for that matter. That simplicity is what made it great.

In beta Minecraft, you have to do everything yourself.

In modern Minecraft, you do everything yourself in the beginning but then everything just slowly becomes effortless and automatic.



this is partly why i like magic mods for minecraft 1.7 through 1.12. spells, rituals and sigils require abundance of hard-to-farm resources which makes collection a chore and the experience of performing your vaguely book-described magick thrilling. also, it's gut-wrenching to see something fail because you forgot - or misinterpreted - something, thus have to harvest items all over again.

i've enjoyed being nomadic in minetest, mind you. similar vibe to early minecraft.