Midnight Pub

Comments on comments


Did comments get disabled for newer posts? Or can people set posts to not being comment-able?

Not the end of the world, but I wanted to comment on the "Midnight Diary" and "My Sourdough Log" posts, but wasn't presented with a button to do so.


Oh, wait a second... I see those are *pages*, not *posts*... that must be why... um, duh!! :-)



Yesss! That's the reason.

Posts are text messages that can be replied to - mostly transient.

Pages are static files (e.g. html).

In the first version of Midnight, there was only a single type (entry). However I think they serve different purposes, so I'm curious to see what it can be like.



My comment on your "Midnight Diary" page was in response to reading "Midnight runs on a little machine", there... just basically loving the idea of interacting like this on someone else's "little machine".. having that in the back of my mind adds a touch of "coziness" to this place and its interactions.

Thanks for hosting this!