Midnight Pub

Trying to figure out *where* I - and others - have replied to *who* about *what*


I'm aware of being able to see my or another patron's posts, e.g.:


But what about my/their replies to posts/replies?

I ask, because I'm finding that without keeping track of what I've replied to, and who replied to me, I've a heck of a time trying to figure out *where* I've replied to *who* about *what*.

The "new replies" notification that appears at the top of the main Midnight Pub page is slightly in that direction, except that as soon as I reply to a reply, that notification is gone, so unless I manually saved a link to what I replied to, I've no idea what post/reply I replied to.

But I *might* remember a patron's handle... so if I could go to something like:


or my own:


Alternatively, might the pub benefit from maintaining and being able to display "new replies notification history"?


I have missed this "feature" too, once in a while :)



I cobbled something together. I'd share, but as usual there are too many details to describe to *maybe* avoid others maiming themselves using it.

Which reminds me, hats off to people that share code. Attempting to document such *alone* is enough to put me in a mental institution - never mind being perpetually one change to a dependency away from crucifixion.



I guess I could periodically do a slow scrape of midnight.pub, tunneling down from "Latest posts:" (i.e. page 1), and create my own nested listing of posts/replies.