Midnight Pub

Has it been that long?


Almost three years to the day since I made my first post here. Technically, that was my last post too, until today. I've often dropped by in the years since however, though it's unlikely that anyone other than the proprietor has noticed my occasional and silent presence in the corner, the light from the fireplace landing on my smile as I catch up on the latest going-ons.

After three years however, I've decided to sit at the bar and be seen by the other patrons, instead of an otherwise silent nod to the proprietor as they dutifully record my visit in their logs.

So, I'm back. And after three years of wandering, I think I'm finally ready to call the pub my home away from home.

I think that's quite enough words for today though. Bartender, the house bourbon please, neat.


Welcome back, happy to see you here! As ~ew said, lurking is very common (I've done it myself as a newcomer :P) and perhaps the first step for becoming a patron. Even after becoming one, I guess that lurking inside is a better experience too, with a roof on top, a warm fireplace during the winter and without a big window muffling everything that's going on :)

Can't wait to hear what you have to say, if and when you feel like it, obviously!



Reminds me of my general waxing and waning of interest in things, people, places, preferred modelings of life, terminal/shell modus operandi, etc.

Welcome back!



Howdy, ~paul --- the lurker --- :)

~bartender? Coffee, please! And in case you have donuts, I'd like a couple ...

Welcome back to The Midnight, and Smudge, of course! Well, I don't remember, how long I did lurk and stare through the windows ... but it is much nicer inside, or outside in the patio. And every time I think, now it's going downhill, something interesting happens. I will admit that gemini space has lost much of its early charm for me, but well, I'm still here. The midnight is my only "social media", if you really want to call it that.

~bartender gives me a firm look! /me blushes. I used "the" word. Shame on me.

~bartender? How about a round of donuts for everyone?



Chiming in... If you so insist, I'll take a donut :D

~bartender, some fruit juice please, any kind will do. I drank already too many coffees today...

I will admit that gemini space has lost much of its early charm for me, but well, I'm still here.

If by gemini space you mean like the actual platform, I think that, in a way, it's a good thing! Once the platform becomes "boring" it means that one can actually only care about the actual contents, just like we do with the Web :)

I don't think nobody's really excited for the Web anymore, yet here we are :P