Midnight Pub

introduction to the snow



♪ Alone at the edge of a universe, humming a tune ♪

♪ With sparkling crystal souls aglow ♪

♪ A part of thee in the key of what we know to be every part without me ♪

♪ Knows only two can make it light ♪

♪ You'll live forever tonight ♪


hi there, everybody. i'm isabelle (it/any), just popping in for a quick hello to you all! not gonna spend a lot of time talking about myself here, but i'm a proud upstate new yorker - i may hate new york, but i also fuckin' love it. good drinks, a decent music scene, and some pretty awesome people if you know where to look. plus, we've got some of the best hot wings in the whole united states of "america" (read: turtle island). i'm a pangender/genderfluid latiné (mixed white/puerto rican) with autism, adhd, and a whole score of other malicious mental maladies. also a spooky-wooky leftie with blue hair, pronouns, and a bunch of barely-touched marxist literature lying around.

i hope to eventually become a regular patron here. i probably won't post too often - i'm not much of a writing person - but hopefully, i'll remember to check back in at least once every two or so weeks. we'll see, i guess.

you may have noticed that i write in a stream of consciousness style, and without any capitalization. this is an intentional stylistic choice, made both to make writing easier for myself (since my autism hinders my ability to get words down unless i write in a rant-like, stream-of-consciousness manner) and to, hopefully, convey an aura of "chillness," as it were. it's also just way easier to not have to use capitals for words, but that's neither here nor there.

with that in mind, for now, i bid you all adieu.


Miracle Musical! I love that album!



Pleased to meet you!

Whereabouts in upstate New York? Just wondering 'cuz I did me some time in Poughkeepsie in yesteryears gone by.