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in the direction of ascii freedom methinks


sometimes stark borders which is what punctuation is seem stifling the way lines in drawing do the reality is closer to smoother transitions between shading regions but again those regions are a sort of laziness of mind a grouping of similar as though the same the mind sees lines conceptually which is to say closer to digitally than analogly because of the stark zero one contrast at the root of it all but then even kinds of words are laziness are a sort of moving mathematical mean what with nouns and verbs and adjectives and i cannot even remember all the categories because i did not pay english nearly as much attention as i did math and science back in the youthful learning day in fact i consistently received as as in the letter grade in everything but english and gym year in and year out yessiree someone else writing in the absence of punctuation and uppercase letters was the motivation here but also was pondering how to draw nothing therein the mythicality of lines defining regions of similar shading yay of the notion of separate objects at all


There is a book by Garcia Marquez which is written entirely in one sentence or at most a very few sentences so it pretty much lacks punctuation throughout but it's written in spanish that's too bad I get to read it though mwahahaha but anyway it's not as easy as that you can't just write like you normally would merely omiting the stops and commas because then you are just cheating as you are not really blurring barriers as much as simply pretending that they are not there and that's what's really hard about writing in this way and indeed letting one idea flow into the next without quite finishing what you have to say and instead just keep going in such a way that stops and commas really have no place in your writing which is a difficult thing to do too and ends up littering speech with other markers which in this case are function words linking two separate sentences in one in a manner that precludes adding punctuation because of the very function of these words and I think we can make a contest out of that and write as many words as possible and trying to convey as much as possible in just one long as hell sentence.



Perhaps the pub needs a punctuation-free room adjacent to the main?

Nah. Just a momentary thought - and unnecessary given posts and subsequent replies can be thought of as separate textural rooms of sorts.