Midnight Pub

7 PM at Midnight


Hello, long time no post.

I've been doing OK. Since the last post I think we have gotten a new president in the United States, things have changed here and there, but mostly it is all the same :/

I've been planning a small redecor of my apartment, making it more "holistic-feeling", and just more chill overall. Been writing a lot (on W.a), been doing tax stuff, and paying off the Mac stuff, and neglecting exercise stuff (because I have been lazy lately, I suppose).

Also, there is a new family member in the O'Family (though, the newborn's last name is different) - Baby N! I don't really divulge information on the Internet that isn't mine, and I will keep that up, but, long story short - it is my niece's newborn. Happy, healthy, doing good. Exciting time for all of us :)

Been close to 20 years since there has been a new member of the (immediate-ish) family, so, such a trip! As for me, I'll never have kids. Absolutely no desire to. Never did. And besides that, I'm too dog gone poor to raise a kid, haha. But I am more than OK with being poor, as long as it is just ME being poor ;)

The Midnight looks good, and if Bartender has a moment, I'll have a coffee, please :)

Still on the instant coffee kick. Doubt I'll ever go back to regular ground coffee, because instant is immediate satisfaction. Plus it tastes good, reminds me of camping.

Also, I have stayed away from social media coming up on 1 1/2 years now. March 1, 2021 it will be 1 year and 6 months, because I left in September 2019. Been a slow and nuanced (and at times arduous) recovery process from taking a dopamine stunted (and nearly invalidic (word?)) brain and "rewiring" it to be a "normal" brain, I suppose. I can't tell you how far gone I was in that world. Sick.

Now, I am chill with just writing, or blogging, or journaling, or "logging", or posting to W.a. Easier. And there are nice people over there (as there are here :))

Life is OK. *I* am OK. All is...OK


Congrats! And on exiting social media too. FB was a year-long decision, but it was a good choice to be sure. A lack of social media is a part of what OK used to feel like.



Congratulations to your niece! Getting to have a kid in the family at a distance is a pretty wonderful thing too.

And congratulations on leaving social media -- that's a meaningful achievement these days.



Thank you, Maya :)

Yes, it's nice having a new one in the family. Babies are brilliant (and probably smarter than any adult, in their own perceptual way).

Hope you're doing good :)



I am! We've been doing a lot of unpacking of boxes so I finally have all of *my* decorative items about me, which makes me contemplative about decoration in general and curious about yours.



Congrats on the niece! I don't have any of those myself (too young, and siblings probably won't have kids) but I imagine it's great.

I've thought about ditching social media myself, though I always wonder how I would socialize without it these days. Glad to hear someone out there has done it.

Glad to hear you're okay.



Thanks, Paladin! :)

Social media was difficult to leave and I was on/off/on/off for over a year, but it just became far too addictive for me, to be honest. I don't see what all is happening "out there" (or "in" there), but I have no FOMO anymore. Just normal day-to-day life now.

I hope you're doing good, too :)