Midnight Pub

I can write it, jotting on the blog tonight, hold on


Jotting on paper these days, tbh. I wrote a thing just now, 855 words, under 20 minutes, and I won't self promote, but holy s*** I am surprised at myself! Ha! Wrote the words WELL, too! It's clear, concise, and going back and editing a moment later, only two corrections and three typos. Sorry for the low brag.

Anyhow, ~bartender, I either need a sedative or another espresso, because I feel like I could Fonzi the jukebox and have my favorite song come on right now. :)

:pets for Smudge, sparks cig, leans back in chair with a deep exhale like I finished sex with...the world's best porn star!:: (xxx-rated content, I know - appy pollies for crass)

stay well, all!