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hello hello hello, Ill be Here


Good news, Ben Nor Apartments has me moving in July 3! 10 days earlier than expected! :) This means less time at a "crisis bed" (crisis being I would be at risk of homelessness without it), and more time getting stuff moved I to the new place! :)

So this is a very good thing!

I visited the Ben Nor property for the first time today, and it is a really cool "campus" I would say. Not an apartment building for a complex. It was formerly senior living apartments, and has transitioned into a 501 non profit for folks who are very very low income (such as myself). Each apt is ground floor. No one above, no one below. And a corner apartment! So, very quiet. Situated just east of downtown Farmington, in a quiet subdivision. It is a large property, though. A campus, I would say, really. A creek divided the property, with little bridges running over them to stay connected. A small garden space and patio out front. And a small lawn, too! :)

Thy put in new floors and a few other upgrades this week. I move July 3 :)

Now, I pack items, smoke cigs, have coffee, mess about on YouTube and watch videos from Hundreds Rabbits yt channel (from 100r.co) Their site/blog is generally about permacomputing, sustainability and other tech projects. Also about them, a couple traveling the world on a small sailboat called PINO. Fascinating stuff :)

An espresso bartender? I have had but two hours of sleep in over 24 hrs. Phew! This trac is giving me some energy, though:

Alessia Cara "Here"