Midnight Pub

Do we really needle threads? ;-)


(Editing this to see if appropriately-placed br tags help with the line-break issue...)

One puzzle piece I wanted to tackle today is how we link<br>> posts and pages. What you are looking at right now is a<br>> page - it's a simple HTML document that you can't really<br>> interact with. A post, on the other hand, is made for<br>> interaction by allowing you to reply to it. So how can we<br>> "reply" to binge3ater's sourdough monster?<br>><br>> - https://m15o.miso.town/midnight.html

I feel as though I've found ways (the above being the latest example). They aren't slick. They could easily go unnoticed. But if you even just somewhat believe in fate, part of me wants to believe the right readers will chance upon such, and be smart enough to make the connection to what ever link I include.

Of course, I've no idea how the above will be formatted. Hopefully it doesn't run all the individual lines beginning with ">" together, which could happen if the underlying code wants to see consecutive lines not delimited by white-space-only lines as a single paragraph.

Now, ever page will have its own thread. This one has<br>> one as well, you can find it here. As you'll see, it only<br>> shows a link to the page. It works the same way as link<br>> aggregators like hackernews work.<br>><br>> - https://m15o.miso.town/midnight.html

(NOTE: "here" in that paragraph links to https://miso.town/page?id=52)

I'm not sure I'm grasping how "https://miso.town/page?id=52" to "https://m15o.miso.town/midnight.html".


Just a quick note that the way to get what looks like a pre-formatted set of lines that follow each other is to put all the text in a single line, but insert &lt;br&gt; tags where one wants single line breaks.

So, for example, this:

&gt; line one&lt;br&gt;&gt; line two&lt;br&gt;&gt; line three

is rendered:

line one<br>> line two<br>> line three


Hmmm... I see whatever processes a post *does* want to isolate separate lines, even when they were intended to be displayed one right after the other.



Ah... Ctrl-U revealed it turned all those separate lines into separate html paragraph elements....