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Meeting People Online v2.0




Meeting someone on MySpace sounds like such a wholesome organic way of meeting someone by 2005 standards :)

I was thinking about dating apps recently and how the whole thing is weird. We're all just faces on the internet out of infinite other faces. You can turn on the app and talk to any number of men or women and just as easily turn it off and make them go away. Imagine that, in the middle of a blind date that wasn't going well and just being able to turn it off and leave!

The purpose of these apps is to connect people (which I admit they have done for some people) but I think it is far more effective at generating loneliness. "There's plenty of fish in the sea" used to be a hopeful sentiment, but now that you have a pokedex of all fishes available online, it makes you hyper-aware of how small we are.



Total agreement.

Also, I experienced a bit of multiple meanings fun reading your reply in that my intent with the "v2.0" on the end of the title was to acknowledge someone else's previous post of similar title - it never occurring to me doing so might seem a statement on the state of "meeting people online" in general to someone else.