Midnight Pub

This, that, and.. (what's it called?)... OH YEAH, the other


Hey. The title is just a bit of a nod to what seems to be a gathering storm of forgetfulness.

I've various theories. Obviously age (barely hanging onto 59 for dear life..). But I think internets played a role. I think the fact that my wife and those we hang out with are such consummate talkers that I'm in perpetual state of thought overload, such that thoughts/memories are *bound* to fall - if not get pushed - off the mental hayride to make room for puppy love others.

I'm split on what it means for me. From one point of view, I'm supposed to be concerned, because of course it could be far more serious physio-mental matters. But on the other hand, peace of mind seems to be inversely proportional to thought density. You know, such that less of the latter means more of the former.

Like I really needed to know everything about everyone, right?


Sometimes, there's one funny thing that happens to me. I'm feeling stressed because I know I really need to do something, talk to someone, or get something done. It's there with me the whole day. And all of a sudden, when I think about it, I forget what it was to begin with. When that happens, I usually tell myself "well, if it's important, I'll remember". And I enjoy the day feeling lighter.



Heck of a healthy attitude, binge3ater.

Trouble is, I'm probably not going to remember that I'll remember if it's important.... ;-)