Midnight Pub

Pocket full 'o quarters, y'all....


(Huh... more Pub/life synchronicity in the form of glancing at my wife's screen to see she's emailing a Maya....)

Anyway... this pappy got yappy happy today against the mental backdrop of a Pub jukebox update in the form of a link to old song spoofs for coworkers.

But you wanna talk about anxiety? It's, like, does such really belong here? Will I wreck my otherwise pristine <coughs violently> reputation here? Might there be a, um... "cancellable offense" in any of them? There's just so much more to consider these days for the species having so cleaned up its language that it's just a matter of a few millennia before its behavior *maybe* catches up....

So... I guess I'll put it to a pseudo-vote in this thread. If enough sound interested, I'll oblige.


This won't answer your question, but when I read the title I instantly thought of the car payment's (or two) worth of quarters I probably dropped in arcades in the 1980s...

one (this one) increasingly thinks that he shall remain bereft of opinions and judgement
you do you, he added, with zero air of dismissal only honest invitation


I fully expect to be feeling Galaga muscle memory twitches on my death bed.