Midnight Pub

One teeny weeny change I wouldn't mind seeing


There's a degree of "clunk" to how when I view a reply, shown after the content itself there'll be a "reply" link as well as a "Mark As Read" button.

Thing is, if I follow the "reply" link, and actually post a reply, I have to go through some link-following machinations to get back to where I can see that "Mark As Read" button again. And I'm lazy. So I'm really wishing that button would appear on the page that confirms my having replied to a reply. Maybe it reads something like "Mark Parent Reply As Read"? Maybe an account "setting" can specify whether the "mark parent reply as read" always happens upon a reply to a reply?

Just typing out loud, here....


I actually love this idea! I took on your suggestion, and made it work like this:

If you reply to a reply, it will mark any notification of the parent as read. The more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense: if you reply to a reply, there's a good chance you've read it.

Keep em great ideas coming!



Cool! I just witnessed it work. It's like midnight.pub is suddenly an order of magnitude easier to use - at least for someone easily bit by the commenting bug. Thanks!