Midnight Pub

Fire up the jukebox!


I enter the pub and head for the jukebox, feeling the need for some classics. Putting a Nightfall City coin in the slot, I hit the pleasingly analogue buttons to navigate through the old-style menu, the pages turning with a click and revealing album after album. My coin gives me three songs - I choose:

The mechanism whirls and Jagger starts singing, "Please allow me to introduce myself...". I head to the bar and order a pint of the house Midnight Stout on nitro. Watching as it swirls and slowly settles leaving a creamy head I wonder who will step up to the jukebox next ("Who, who?!") and which three songs they'll choose ("Woo, woo!")?


I turn towards the front door and watch as the person enters, it seemed like a long minute but in reality it was just a 2 second notice, I turn back take my whisky and soda in my hand and raising it I take to my lips and take a sip. The music blares and I hear songs I vaguely remember as a child.

I came of age in the 80s and the music then was so eclectic and had purpose.

As more songs flooded her 52 year old mind, I got up and walked towards the jukebox, I saw no one was standing there so I stuck my hand in my pocket and took out a coin and let it fall into the slot. I picked the songs that were prominent

in my head and walked back to my seat where my drink awaited me.



Do we have all the really interesting stuff here? Off course, it's the midnight pub after all. We can have all we want:

And I raise my glas of dark ale to all of you around here.



"Does this thing even know about Coolio?!" I flick through the covers. "How about an update; who are these people!?" The clacking continues.

"Pick your songs already, it's not a wedding band!"

"Fine, this will have to do then..."

The beat kicks in and I waltz back to the bar while firing my finger pistols at random things. "Pew, Pew!"