Midnight Pub


My First Computer

My internet presence was born in 1994 when I bought my very first desktop computer. That clunker was a beast as it took up most of my desk space. The tower was bestially noisy and it took some time to get used to the racket it made. The OS was Windows 3.1 and was slower than a turtle but it was all mine.

In The Beginning Was The Internet

...and it was small, simple, refreshingly honest and in a way the first instance of "decentralization". I remember HTML was a markup that made simple text sites available to those who wished to participate. It was just simple, readable text and nothing else because the web as it was didn't have the capacity to support anything else.

Time Machine To 2021

I am now a 52 year old woman returning to her roots and joining the many frustrated and angry people in what people call the "Small Internet" movement. When I first heard about it, it was during the early stages of the pandemic. I was in lockdown and watching a video and I heard about Gopher. I learned more about it but eventually I abandoned any thought of going on it. This year I heard about Gemini and I was more than happy with it, the smolnet has me sold. I will down the line give Gopher another go, it is a wonder protocol as well as Gemini and I feel that Gopher/Germini protocols compliment each other well

See you all on the flip side


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