Midnight Pub



Hasn't been going well. Guess I fell into the internet for a few months.

I don't mean literally I want to avoid the internet or that the internet is inherently bad. I don't mean social media (I don't do socail media except fediverse, and that's one of the better things happening). I mean a habit of automated information intake. I go to the same 5 news websites and youtube channels and take in everything that comes up, all day. It's not bad information. Maybe a bit abstract or irrelevant at times. Sometimes it even makes me think.

The problem is I am letting the internet bounce my brain around with whatever comes up. I should be asking questions and seeking out information. Maybe on the internet, that would be the better way to use it. I should choose what I'm about to learn about.

It's clear that acts of information output and creativity are a big part of one's personality and existence. I've decided some time ago that inputs are equally important (and of course failed to act on it for a few months).


Very relatable. I've started treating it as a mental diet. Too much consumption leads to health issues. The word "feed" was very accurate for how those things work. I think Midnight.pub and smol.pub are great alternatives.

Good luck with breaking the habits.



that's a great description of what "consuming the net" is......a binge eating of internet junk food. I got to remember this and go on a strict small web diet...cheer! you are brilliant!



Thanks Rosie. Solidarity with you!



"but I wanted to watch the livestream of the Abel lectures today"? yeah that's allowed. That's a thing I have decided to do with finite extent.