Midnight Pub



Tonight I had dinner from the nearby Chinese food place. This got me thinging about this Margins article: https://themargins.substack.com/p/chinese-chicken-fingers-and-the-american

which details the way that Chinese food developed in America as a response to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

This got me thinking about the way that laws and policies can shape the food around us in unknown ways. A different example is the Assize of Bread and Ale in England, which used to regulate the weight and price of ale and bread.

Anyways, the takeout was decent enough, but not a place that I think I'll go again. Anybody have a favorite takeout spot near them?


We've a place about three miles from home that makes our favorite pizza: thinnest possible crust, onion, green pepper, a little sausage. Fantastic sauce. And they somehow get the green peppers in a glorious intermediate state between raw and cooked. And they deliver. We've leaned on them at least once a week for years. My wife knows better than to ask me what I want from without, because I'll invariably spit out the place's name immediately.

They plenty of other yummies (fantastic buffalo wings, for example). But it's tough to bother with other items when the pizza is soooo Must Taste.