Midnight Pub

Time to Think Slow Part 1


I've been wandering past this pub for weeks now as I visit a business down the street to help them with a short term project. My previous favorite pub had accumulated enough of an obnoxious crowd that it became unappealing to me, so I was on the lookout for a new favorite pub. The Midnight Pub looked unassuming, and thus interesting. Last week, I poked my head in briefly and it seemed like a comfortable place. Tonight is my first real visit to check it out.

It's the middle of the evening, and there's a light crowd which is exactly what I like - some background conversation - just enough. No large crowds, no obnoxious (or even background) music (though there is a jukebox, which is OK - that's real music). Perfect for me. Enough space to have a table to myself with no one at the adjacent tables. I'm not unsociable, it's just that there are just times I like "quiet thinking time" and I've found that when I can do that in a social setting like a nice pub, that works best.

Not knowing the protocol of this establishment I walk up to the bar. The friendly barkeeper asks "What will you have?" I reply "A porter, or something else that's dark and stout". The barkeeper says "Coming right up" then brings it to me in a mug. I reach for my wallet. The barkeeper says "It's a tradition here that your first drink is on the house." I say "Thank you, that's very kind", take my mug, and go to an unoccupied table.

There's just enough light for me to take out my notebook and write down the date and time. I sip my beverage - it's an excellent porter. Between the good beverage, the pleasant background buzz of conversation, and the comfortable seat, I know that some interesting things will come to mind in the next few hours (hence the notebook).

I think I'll like it here.