Midnight Pub

Sun rises in Nightfall's Main Street


What's not to like about a sunny Sunday? The small alley is quiet as I stand on the porch of the pub. Clear sky. The sun illuminates the table and chairs on the terrace, where I'm about to go sit down with my coffee before starting my shift. m15o arrives, and nods to say he's about to join with his coffee as well.

It's been a little more than a year since I moved to Nightfall City. That's been my first experience at a big city. Rather overwhelming at the start with the sheer amount of people, I found comfort in the pub and its patrons. My little retreat to recharge. But I've grown to love the place.

m15o sits next to me and shows me a newspaper I hadn't seen before.

The Nightfall Times.

I stand as I chug my coffee.

Looks like the city is expanding.


I hear the pastries at that cookie shop are *amazing*!