Midnight Pub



I walk into The Midnight after a nice walk. It's a bit chilly around here by now, but no snow yet. ~bartender has seen me come in and briefly talk to the newcomer. So my stout is already in the works.

At the counter I see a big newspaper being held by ... Hmm. I need to change places to find out, it seems. Oh, its ~ealpmx. "¡Buenas tardes, hombre!" I say in my ramshackle Spanish. He looks up and smiles. "¡Buenaaas!" I stare at his paper unable to make out, what it is. Then it dawns on me! He's looking at a printout of this weeks news items on Antenna! I'm impressed. Best offline reading ever! And still hot off the press! How nice! Good work, ealpmx!




Hey! Thanks for sharing, and great Spanish BTW!

I was disconnected from everything for personal reasons and I hadn't seen your post. I'm glad you like it =)

I'll be sharing the source code for next weeks and an update for the weekly Magazine/Newspaper soon. ¡Salud!


... and great Spanish BTW!

Oh well. If I count all the weeks I have spent in Latin America I might well cover more than a year. And I could get by organizing accomodation, bus tickets, food ... Most important phrase: "Yo no soy Americano". Which puts a smile into a lot of faces. "Ay no? Ay, ¿de donde viene?" ... "Ay, ¡de Alemania! ¡Que bien!" ... followed by an enthusiastic speech about Bundesliga, Mercedes trucks, and a number of other well known things ... Splendid!

Most difficult question: "¡Cuánto vale el vuelo?" How much was the flight. Now I could just say how much it was, but can anyone relate to this number? And what it meant to me? I resorted to explain that I had to work for one year straight to pay for the flight. Much better.

But I never managed to read a good book in Spanish, like "La región más transparente" or similar by Carlos Fuentes. I was sitting inside the "Casa de los Azulejos" in México DF, and thinking about the scenes in "La cabeza de la hidra". He sure was sitting here as well. And the characters from the novel. I do have very fond memories of México DF and all the time I spend in Latin America. It took me all the way south as far as Fuerte Bulnes overlooking the Straight of Magellan.

As I said in another post: Go out, look, marvel at what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel ... the planet is full of worthy discoveries.

It's a bit early in the day for another Margarita, so maybe a "Negra Modelo" or a "Tres Equis" would do. Cheers! And thanks for your nice reply!




"Casa de los azulejos" is amazing, indeed I try to visit Mexico DF as often as possible (they changed the name recently to Ciudad de México or CDMX, but in our hearts will always be DF) since is a city full of energy, friends, and things I like.

I need to read more from Carlos Fuentes and Latin authors, there are many.

Beers bring me great memories of friends and old coworkers when I travelled the whole country for work.

And I think it is XX (Dos Equis), not trying to correct you, but share a random fact I didn't know until recently. In 1897 the brand was created to celebrate the start of the 20th century. And the 3 Modelos (Weizen, Negra and Clara) are amazing.

Nothing like beers from Germany! Had the opportunity to be there for a few months, and you get in love with many, many things, people, cultures.

Travelling is amazing :)



This is awesome!

I recently set up wallabag so I could easily save articles for later and have the added benefit of easy epubs/mobis for my kindle-in-always-airplane-mode!

There is something very nice about reading the news (especially my own custom feed) on a near paper device while sitting in the sun <3.



My Kindle is always in airplane mode as well =)

And I love e-ink feeling (besides an LCD screen) that is a good compromise between an electronic device and a decent screen.



Wow, didn't know about that 'manga reader'. I was looking for a bigger device (9 inches perhaps), but they are crazily expensive.

The 6 inches from Kindles are good enough for only text, but horrible for any magazine or even diagrams, so I'm intrigued...



I love the portability! I could go for months on a road trip with no internet and still have something to read!

The only thing that my Kindle can't beat is the feel of real paper. Turns out there is actually a "manga reader" built by progress technologies that uses real paper in the design. It's super expensive from what I understand, but it looks like an actual book and has two screens in a book style view!

eReaders are getting crazy :3.



I need to give this a try. I use my ebook reader constantly, and having an epub of the week's Antenna feed would be a good alternative to having a Gemini client on it.