Midnight Pub

Chag sameach!


Good evening, Nightfall City and patrons of the Midnight. My name is Jess, nice to meet you all. I began exploring the gemspace about a week ago out of nostalgia for the web of old, and I stumbled across the Midnight Pub. This is already my most favorite place by far. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, just to share with you all.

~bartender I'd like a glass of red wine please; any will do. L'chaim!


chag sameach! (a little late, as Hanukkah has been over for a bit, but I just saw this post :) ) and Shabbat shalom!



Welcome, Jess! I hope you won't be disappointed to hear that there are, in fact, no cookies here on the dark side -- albeit we do have good wine, I hear!



welcome! in these cold months its always nice to find new company at the pub



Hello there, Jess, and welcome to this quiet corner of the web. I, too, am nostalgic for a calmer internet and the not algorithmically or monetarily curated discovery of websites.

Let's hope more people join us but not that many!




Welcome to the pub! It's a small place but at least it's warmer than outside. Nice to meet you. Here's your red wine.