Midnight Pub

A Room To Quiet?


— Close the door ! It’s cold outside ! said the bartender.

— It will not become hotter outside if I close the door, I reply, expecting a huge laugh from the room.

But the room looks nearly empty. All those people discussing about Gemini itself have left. CAPCOM barely lists a couple of posts every day. Antenna may have a couple more.

Then I see them. The few survivors, keeping themselves warm in an small corner. The Midnighters, still discussing beneath the only lightbulb still working.

— Where has everyone left? I ask.

— Everyone ? But we are there ! says ew.

And, for a moment, I wonder if I found exactly what I was looking for. A quiet place. A bit too quiet.

— You said you wanted no distraction, continue ew.

— Indeed but, you know, I realize I crave some distractions from time to time.

— From time to time ? You mean all the time ! It’s time for your detox !

— What ? I’m not addicted…

— They all say the same thing.

— But…

— Enjoy before it begins !


I hear my name as I sit near the fireplace, trying not to fiddle with init.el. Oh the possibilities ... there is a wave of cold air coming in, while ~ploum is closing the door. Sure, the light is a little low, but heck, emacs white on midnight blue is bright enough on my screen ...

Hey ploum! If you feel like joining? I would even close the lid of my little machine. There is nothing even close to real conversation, right? Offline, yes? :-)

~bartender is serving the Lager. So cheers!



As the monokai gradients give in to the subtle gruvbox palette as the sun begins to set, my fingers arch into the ibuffer list; putting to sleep the buffers I haven't visited in a while and reflecting on their existence. Sleep well my little inodes, till the next time we meet



I'm trying to write, but life is just not taking it easy on me lately.

A little of it is that I'm trying not to write tech stuff, because there's already too much in geminispace. Though I'm considering making some notes that aren't on a feed.



If it ever gets too quiet in here, there's always adventure to be found in Nightfall City !



Yes! I feel this. It seems as if one week there's lots of new content and I'm even struggling to see it all, trying not to close the tabs too fast, enjoy it all, bookmark some new capsules.

Then another week goes by and you barely see something new. Geddit is getting few new links, midnight is quiet and I succumb to reddit.

I never meant to stop using reddit, at least not suddenly. I'm trying to surf Gemini as a way to not use so much reddit. Think like, if I browse reddit on a pause 10 times a day, let 5 of those be Gemini.

It's quieter. It's calmer. It's maybe read a medium-sized post. Instead of repetitive memes, fast paced videos from tiktok, discussion on formula1 (why is this so popukar all of the sudden?), the stonks guys doing their thing, all bombarded on my retina.

But I want this sometimes. I'm detoxing, but my body wants/needs it. Let's cheer to more content on Gemini!

Also, if you want your daily fix, as I do, this is a very nice way, even if some days are boring: gemini://tilde.team/~sumpygump/explore/