Midnight Pub

Happy New Year!


It's not the right hour yet but the best parties start early, right?

Happy new year, everyone! May 2022 bring you everything 2021 wasn't able to bring, and then some!



Happy New Year to you too!

I wonder what great things will happen to amaze us all this year...



Happy new year everybody!



Good Morning, and Happy New Year!

~bartender? It's a bit early for a beer, but how about just coffee? Thanks!

Ah, ~remy has announced the new menu, it reads "just order what you like". That sounds really welcoming ... ~remy? I'd like to have a very British breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, black beans, funny sausages ... the whole thing! High cholesterol and all the good stuff! Ah, sure, tea by the side, with sugar and cream --- oh, that coffee will be gone before breakfast :-)

/me raises the freshly arrived coffee

Cheers! Any progress this year is welcome!



/ Stumbles in from back of the pub 5 minutes before midnight, already drunk.

/ Quickly requests Budweiser beer and immediately starts drinking it

/ Preemptively starts counting down new years

Happy New Years! All drinks is on me!



Happy New Year! I've decided the only resolutions I'll be making are ones of which I am at least somewhat in control - 2020 and 2021 were shitty enough.