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I love Berta


Berta is my Savotta 323 reppu, of the classic line. A rucksack, but Finnish and made of treated canvas, leather and steel.

She's pretty, she's tough, she's dependable. I have taken her to Scotland, up there, north of Ft. Williams, under the rain, with no raincover. And the Scottish rain drops will slide off her as kids playing in the park.

There's not a zip on her: one narrow pocket at each side, a wide one at the front, and a main compartment. It's not rated in liters, I guess it's 45's, but you can attach a 20 litters bag on top on it with no problems. Oh, and it has a frame, a steel one.

Leather needs some care, but that's an occasion for love. I feel she might outlive me, or die in action, as it should be, but I'm not buying a newer, flashier modern contraption. They might be better, but Berta is good enough.

I love you Berta.


Funny timing, recently bought a much smaller Savotta pack myself for summer outings. The milsurp sturdiness with civilian-centric features that seems present in a lot of their gear is pretty neat.



You mean the S one? Beautiful thing, I've been on the verge of buying one so many times. In the end I didn't because I felt the need of a medium sized bag. If only not to be forced to play tetris with my gear back home, just so everything fits.

But it is a beautiful thing, consider yourself lucky.



I once chugged



In the spirit of the

owning things

thread, Berta sounds like one of the rare possessions that attains unto "2++ steps forward, maybe a small fraction of a step back" status.



Indeed :)