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desperately seeking seclusion (i.e. working from home)


You wanna know what's way more difficult than I thought it would be?

Doing real work after over a couple decades of writing software remotely.

But, wow, could I get hired again? "Agism" does seem to be a thing in my somewhat recent experience. And I'm not completely opposed to it, for surely younger people need such jobs way more than I do.

But I'd really love to setting into a software "generalist" position, and use those earnings to hire others to do what's become too backbreaking and/or exhausting for me - at least at the pace my wife was hoping I could sustain (especially as outdoor temperatures rise).

I just so hate looking for jobs online, though.. I mean, websites have gotten ridiculous enough, but I swear only "news" sites are worse than job sites.. except for the glorious

We Work Remotely,

of course.

I quite my last full-time software gig about a year and a half ago to stupidly attempt to become a teacher of children. I'd have been better off strapping myself into an electric chair. But I just had to know. And the software gig, well, it was a combination of not much pay (it too was an educational scenario), coworkers (i.e. same department) that did something completely different than software, and then an IT department whose primary joy was using any/every security-based excuse possible to render doing interesting things as joyful as self-tooth-extracturbation... e.g. "HRUMPTH! ONLY A HERETIC HELLBENT ON DESTROYING THIS COMPANY WOULD WANT TO USE A PORT OTHER THAN 80!!!!!!! HRUMPH! HRUMPH! HRUMPH!" - and of course management would always defer to their fearmongering....


My company got a new office via a startup accelerator, expecting software companies to move in and do work. I think I can count the open ports on one hand. Anyone fancy a guess at whether that includes the SSH port? secuwity uwu



this might be of interest to you -- I have literally only one open port but multiplex https/sftp/ssh/ldap through it.




"Startup accelerator" is a new term to me. Interesting.



Hello ~inquiry, a IT department making life of everyone and especially development miserable? LOL. I have the golden opportunity to test their and my limits every week. Interesting challenge sometimes, but mostly annoying. I personally believe, that many have lost a sense of their position in the bigger structure that resembles "the company". As a developer I am providing a service to the company in the sense that I help that company can sell machines today and in the future. And in that same sense the IT department is a important service provider inside the company. Now developers like me do have exotic requirements (like Linux, yiiikes!), which does not help. Oh well, there will be better times again. And no, I don't work remotely at all. I need my circuit boards, cables and the like :)



> I need my circuit boards, cables and the like :)

That managed to conjure an image of someone suspended way up high - and in a most interesting way - "under the big tent" at a circus... which I suppose makes sense given my memories of software development team scenarios seeming a circus of the "just shy of two rings" variety.... :-)