Midnight Pub

a late night visit, at the corner of the bar


It's 1:14 AM here - here where I sit at my computer. But I sit at my computer while AT The Midnight, towards the end of the bar. On first glance I look like one of those oldies who play tabletop digital poker - losing dollar after dollar, chain-smoking, ordering drinks without looking straight at the bartender. But I, I merely tap away at my laptop keyboard, while frequently glancing around the bar to see who is about, what the mood of the room is. I look down, and Smudge has curled up atop my backlit keyboard. Yes, it makes warm ;)

I ask bartender for a hot coffee, and a moment later a hot mug is in front of me. I pet Smudge lightly with my left hand, move a cig to/from my mouth with my right hand - keeping noxious smoke away from the kitty's face.

I usually am a pipe smoker. I AM a pipe smoker, but recently I've had ups and downs with finances, so I didn't take stock of all the pipe tobacco + accessories I need to see me through. I'll be back in that world soon, I am sure.

The Midnight coffee is bold, delicious. The text editor fills with random characters, due to "kitty sits", so I press the power button in the upper-right of the keyboard, and it goes back to the log-in screen, ending the gibberish in the editor.

I consider venturing over to the jukebox (laptop left back on the bar - I can trust the folks here), so I stamp out my cig and walk across the room.

What to queue up? An eclectic selection is on hand, much like patrons of The Midnight - I can choose from nearly any genre, any era, any sub-genre or micro-era. I peruse a few songs by Elvis Costello, but then gander at some tracks by Special Request, but, I don't think deep Techno (at least *I* would consider Special Request Techno) is quite the right mood for this silent Monday morning. I queue up the album "Repeater" by Fugazi. Seems to fit for right now.

The music kicks on as I return to the laptop - bar-side items untouched, laptop screen asleep, Smudge has carried on to other "cat duties", so I wake the laptop, log in, highlight and delete the paragraph of garbled text, strike a cig, and wrap up what I was saying as Ian MacKaye sings through the speakers.

So, evening to one and all


A Midnight coffee would be a real good brand to have. I can imagine it—bold but hopefully not bitter, with maybe a little bit of cloves or cinnamon sneakily crunched into the grinds. I could totally use some of that. I'm always drained at the end of the day out here. I like the tour guiding, but its hiking all day every day in Utah, so coffee and synthetic dip are my constant companions.

Cheers, man, next drink's on me.



Ha, we should get m15o to start a small coffee co just for Midnight patrons ;) I'd drink the stuff exclusively!

Daily hiking in Utah sounds pretty nice, though - but I can see where doing it EVERY day could get old quick.

Coffee definitely fuels me throughout the day and night, but I generally default to an instant blend. And for me, it is generally some form of tobacco as a constant companion, be it traditional cigs (not that often, really), or some type of pipe tobacco. I *prefer* pipe tobacco, though - as cigarettes are just fast nicotine delivery sticks, as a pipe I can slowly/calmly enjoy over a fair amount of time, and I can be less concerned with how much nicotine I am getting, and just enjoy the ambiance of it.

Thanks for the drink, shiloh! I'll have a Midnight Coffee, of course :)



Pipe tobacco's awesome, I forgot to bring a pipe I made to Utah with me. I whittled it from the end of a maple branch that my buddy and I used to lash a ladder together. I got a woodburning pen so I burned on a scene of one of my favorite little lakes, surrounded by pine trees and saw palmettos. I should have brought it with me to remind me of old Florida. Even if I brought it, though, I guess there's not a tobacconist for 100 miles in any direction... Guess I'll stick to cigars when I can afford them and zyn when I'm on the job. I have that same sort of dichotomy for tobacco use. Cigars and pipes are really more social things for me, or if I need a while to think. Dip/zyn is for when I need to do homework or clean the shed or something.

What are your favorite pipe tobaccos if you don't mind me asking? All I've smoked so far is my roommate's old bag of cherry something from one of his army buddies.



Yes, pipe tobacco is a calming and contemplative thing. My favorite blend at the moment is John Cotton Double-pressed Kentucky, which is fairly high in nicotine, but *very* flavorful, and extremely slow burning.

I still pick up an aromatic blend from time to time, but the best I've had is now discontinued, which was called Prince Albert Soft Vanilla. It was like smoking a vanilla bean milkshake. Haha!

Still, I'm a regular smoker and have several pipes throughout the day, which tend to be a (cheaper) go-to bulk blend, which will be a Red Virginia of some type.

That handmade pipe you spoke of sounds nice. I thought of getting a briar block and trying my hand at making my own pipe, but the tools and elbow grease seemed like too much work for me (aka, I am lazy). But also, I am in an apartment, and I can't drill/sand down wood and get sawdust everywhere. Someday I'll borrow a friend's garage and give it a go, though.

But if you're looking for a good, affordable pipe while you're in Utah, I'd definitely try Etsy. I am expecting an estate pipe from the 1970s, arriving in the mail today (which is running late), by a decent pipe maker, and it was only $46. Plus I get the "history" behind the pipe (in my mind) - what blends it has smoked, who previous owners were, etc. Cool stuff.

Do well, bud