Midnight Pub



One of the biggest things I've noticed since spending more time on the small web is the sheer lack of boundaries many people have on social media. Spending more time on here and other obscure sites has really put a lot of things in perspective for me. Someone you know could quite literally talk about you in a very very rude way, while making sure that they word their post in a way to make that you know that they are talking about you, and expect you to not block them or remove them from your page or something. It's insanely bizarre. That's like someone making weird indirect jabs at you while in your house and still expect to be invited back for your birthday party next week. I am just going to say blunty that that is weird as fuck. At least on there, it's easier to tell who has friends in real life and those who do not.

Could I be referring to something that had happened to me recently? Maybe, but if anything it would remind me why I don't like being on there any more and push me further away from the cesspool that is social media. (Fun fact: I am sorta an astrology nut and I think that it's actually pretty funny these ideas and topics are popping up during the Saturn retrograde. How fitting.)

Bartender, I would just like some water tonite actually. Simple, refreshing, and rejuvenating. I hope you are all having a good night. Wishing you well.


Tell us more about the Saturn retrograde, what is that?


> literally talk about you in a very very rude way

All I know is if it ever happens to me here, I'm hoping it's from


because I'm certain it'll be the very very best cleverly rude way possible.




Corporate social media has done terrible things to the human brain.



Oh definitely for sure.



Im also slowly getting used to the idea of using the web to converse, share, and not just as a means to vent my frustrations. Sure I still vent, but I at least try to be constructive about it



I feel like it's an art form to vent online without going into personal details. I wonder how many people would be interested in reading other people's vents?

In an offline pub, we can vent to strangers and the bonds created seems to be stronger than the online pubs.



There's more of a connection though in an offline pub because people do actual service to one another during a discussion.

For example, two smokers could be in the middle of a heated debate that would spill out into bloody warfare if it took place online, but one smoker simply offers the other his light and they argue on without issue.

Same with drinking, you piss off half of your friends with your irrational views, but they forgive you for it because you buy the next round.

It's hard to get that kind of humanizing interaction online, other than squeezing some Wuffie out into the Magical Kingdom