Midnight Pub

all will be revealed


Perfect temperature and associated conditions out on the back deck, wife four feet to my left, birds seemingly competing in a song contest, the low roar of an interstate highway keeping it all human real.

Good day. Needed to perform a couple visitor transitions at short-term rentals, but that went mostly smoothly - the weather more than a little aiding and abetting.

Supposed to rain tomorrow, so I mowed the front/back forty after the rental activities.

I've a couple shots 'o "box tequila" (don't ask..) and a glass of a favorite white wine ("Traminette") under the liver belt, softly coaxing Murphy in the direction of inducing typos. But "ctrl-a :spell <enter>" in vim shows me the way.

Feeling like it's gonna be early to bed.

The performance a couple night ago went kinda okay, but the venue really should have had us indoors. With an hour to go, there was essentially no one visible to us - some being out of view near a fire pit not visible to us, and others having <queue Zeppelin's "Kashmir"> trekked indoors.

I was very happy someone eventually yelled "Stones!", and was able to pull off their "2000 Light Years From Home" - my favorite of theirs, but one only a true fan would likely know/appreciate. The yeller came through (when done) with "Wow, you don't hear that one out very often", which felt rather pat on the back.