Midnight Pub


Cryptid out of urban Kentucky. A rare sighting by day, the oracle is best met digging holes at crossroads where they frequently bury keys. Ask them no questions to which you fear the answer. They/them pronouns.

2021-03-14 On Empathy
2021-02-21 Delusional Optimism
2021-02-06 Seeing Through
2021-01-19 General Question
2021-01-17 A Needed Break
2021-01-10 Love Song to Beauty Supply Clerks
2021-01-08 Exhaustion
2021-01-01 May You Have an Uninteresting Year
2020-12-30 ~starbreaker Filial Piety Contd
2020-12-30 RE: Filial piety considered harmful
2020-12-29 Pre-grief