Midnight Pub

Walks in, drenched


~bartender, some chai from your infinite cupboard, please. Try to make it like my mom does, low sugar and high ginger.

It has been raining heavy here and the weather is just beautiful. I have stopped using the air conditioner and I keep the windows open now while I work. The cloud covered skies feel good on my eyes. I have been working out as well. The diet is going fine, day two I guess.

Day by day I grow more attached to this place. It is a stark contrast to the cesspools of 4chan and reddit. The patrons are friendly, the interactions are genuine. I feel like I know the people here, (or the roles they play). I think this is the first social media (if you can call it that) that has a good effect on people. I love the midnight pub.

Meanwhile I have heard mentions of this jukebox, but never noticed it. Ah, there it is. Let me play a song that comforts me in rain.

Useless, Useless - Kaada



there's nothin' you can type that can't be typed

nothin' you can swype that can't be swyped

nothin' you can paste
but you can learn how to smol in time

it's easy

all you need is pub

all you need is pub

all you need is pub, pub

pub is all you need


I don’t know the melody for this, but sounds like a fun song



all you need is wub, wub

Wub is all you need



Congrats on your diet, keep it up!

Water for me, ~bartender



Welcome back, ~orchard!

~bartender, a black coffee for me, if you will

Glad to hear the weather is rainy in your parts, ~orchard - warm rains are the BEST weather, in my opinion. And good to hear that the diet is going well :)

Yea, 4chan and reddit, those folks aren't what I would call "friendly" in any respect of the word.

Stay well



To be honest I really hate warmth, wet or otherwise. It makes me sweaty, it allows all kinds of annoying insects to proliferate (mosquitos that bite you, spiders that web across the road, hornets that just outright hate you) and doesn't let me sleep. Either way I very much love rain! I prefer cold weather with occasional rain (maybe one per week or so) so the forest stays hydrated, the reservoirs stay full, and the fire stays unlit. I wish we got a little more rain around these parts... Recently it's been nothing but relentless sun for days on end.