Midnight Pub

zine compiling, and coffee consumption


I swear, I oftentimes wonder how when I was 18 years old, I wound up enlisting in the military, and didn't ship off to fine arts school, instead? Failed parenting to the extent that everything that *shouldn't* have been done, DID get done :(

But that is another story for another time.

I just spent roughly two hours compiling the ninth issue of The Zine Around The Corner, which is always uber-super-lots of fun. Realizing I couldn't embed PDFs was new, so I took a screenshot of each page and uploaded them individually as images. It works! If anyone has interest in it (not to self-promote), you can check it out at write.as/tmo/zine, and it is Issue. 9 at the very bottom which I just finished putting together.

Now I am tired, and would like to order a coffee ~bartender, if I may?

Been a day without soda, too. Which is like removing the nectar of life from my day. I'll get some tomorrow, probably.


done and DONE! :)

I went ahead and organized all the issues of TZATC as three version of each (two avail publicly) - .docx, .pdf, and .epub, and now the ePub versions are available on write.as/tmo/zine


Not to sound self-promote-y here on M.p but I wanted to leave an update

Thanks to anyone/everyone who checks it out! Fun!



Yo. Just wanted to mention liking the





oh, and write.as/sub-tmo has a bunch of stuff on it, too. So be sure to pop in there if you like :)



Thank you Inquiry!

I did another one a moment ago. I am trying to stockpile photos of random things to be able to always have a snap ready to go. Makes it more appealing :)



The Zine looks interesting. I'll read it later. I really enjoy the Zine scene. They always seem more composed and devoid of the clickbait that seems to plague most modern press.

Hey, not to tell you how to do your job, but why not release in ePub? Seems like it would be a lot more adaptive.



Hey, thanks!

Yea, I've been meaning to release each issue with both PDF and ePub options, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. I will make a note of it and probably add that a little bit later today. Then there's like three versions per issue - the .docx editable/"master" copy that I have saved locally, the .pdf version for people who want to print it off real quick (I am going to print a few copies of each issue and put them around this area (STL) sometime soon), and then .epub for people who want to put it on different devices or whatnot.

Thanks for checking it out, and I'll have a black coffee ~bartender

stay well, all