Midnight Pub

the rain, the explosions, the neighbor from Hell


It's raining heavily here. Not a torrential pour like earlier, but a dense drizzle. I was sitting on my balcony observing it, absorbing it, smoking and sipping coffee. Fireworks went off in the distance, or so it sounded. I couldn't see anything.

The only thing over-riding the noise of the fireworks was my neighbor, "A", throwing a tantrum, fighting with her cat, being a complete and total pest like she always is. I know she has some series of mental health issues with her, as do many, including myself, but I don't verbally, audibly, and physically lose my mind and dismantle my apartment every other night like she does. Everything she owns and is not glued down gets thrown and slammed here and there.

And I get to hear it. Every day.

So, that is why I sat balcony-side, smoking with coffee, and absorbed the rain and firework noise - to absolve myself of having to "cope" with the noise disturbance that was occurring in the apartment below me.

On the night goes. Back to the balcony in a minute.

~bartender, a black coffee, I'll take it outside

Oh what can ail thee Cat-of-Arms  
Alone and quietly musing  
Though the sense has withered from the floor above  
And no birds sing


Not too pretty a world anywhere anymore, I suspect.

Very glad to be closer to the end than the beginning.

But then none of it exists (in a way engendering palpitations, at least..) if/when I don't think about it.

In a way, the internet is the rusty ice pick people used to jokingly talk about poking their eyes out with... so it's like bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss <look at the internet> OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING IN THIS HELL?!??!??

Or the like....



Patience, it's the better policy

A machine gun firing velociraptors, it's kinda cooler but messier